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Article introduction

The making meeting of a lot of dish type is used candied floss will undertake, so candied floss word can use what kind of sugar, a few friends do not know this. When making candied floss cooked food, it is to pass use white sugar commonly actually or rock candy will undertake making, the chroma of candy must have held, such gift that pull silk are nice.

Candied floss with what candy

Candied floss with what candy

Candied floss and general it is use white sugar or be rock candy.

Candied floss roughly 2 kinds of water fry candy a kind oil fries candy

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Love Shanghai is the same as a city

1, water fries candy to point to namely will mediate with water candy


Boiler is abluent must clean, open chaffy dish next about 6 candy is joined when becoming heat, the effect that because come out,had better be continous candy is better. The temperature of good boiler must be controlled when frying, too hot failed. Fry the water that touch adds when candy becomes red almost, water and proportion are increased by the scale of candy. The temperature scarcely that still is fire next should leave too high next fry, fire closes to go when frying candy and water dissolve to close to become ropy state all the time.

Candied floss with what candy

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Oil fries candy, what the practice compares water is difficult, this kind fries a law more test kongfu


Boiler is abluent burn heat. Mix into oily scale next candy is about the same but OK also a bit some more. Oil is lukewarm 6 into the left and right sides. How to measure oil lukewarm. We often cook look to know everybody not quite of the meeting put in a paragraph of space that leaves boiler to become aware with feel with the hand. Oil is lukewarm enough join candy, leave next fryForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Feel candy wants paste to leave anger with respect to boiler, but should notice because one closes temperature,fire does not shut at this moment meeting contrast is very big, fry the effect that come out bad. Still mix above fry candy to have aglow euqally when sticking consistency, went.

Candied floss with what candy

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Candied floss practice

, candied floss apple

Feed capable person

Apple 200 grams, jadeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Rice starch is 30 grams, dry starch is 20 grams, oily 5 grams, white sugar 50 grams, water 40 overcome


1, the apple cuts about the same size piece

2, above touch amylaceous

3, put corn starch again 30 grams and water the mixed liquor of 30 grams is medium

4, blast of boiler issueing oil. Scamper is good hind take

5, below boil candy with respect to the attention. In condiment1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
oily, candy and water enter pan in

6, slowly can change a liquid

7, the surface bubbles

8, meet too meeting dry

9, begin next change color

10, become the liquid of buff

11, will malic piece falls, can involve fire at this moment. Undertake breaking up mixing. Because boiler is superabundant lukewarm. If involve fire not in time, easy syrup hair is sufferred from

12, oil is wiped on dish, what had done malic piece is entered can. When eating, touch some of cool boiled water.

2, candied floss taro

Feed material prepares

Taro, white sugar, lardy, sesame seed.

Methodological measure

1, taro flay is abluent, cut strip, put dish in.

2, fry boiler to burn heat, put right amount oil, wait for oil lukewarm 7 taro piece is put when becoming heat.

3, wait for taro blast to show golden scene to the surface, next oil of fish out drop is stand-by.

4, a few inside boiler is oily, turn small fire, put right amount white sugar, ceaseless agitate, make candy slowly melt.

5, fluid waiting for candy appears when the bubble of pinpoint size, instantly good scamper taro piece fall, the syrup that wrap divide evenly gives boiler.

6, scatter finally on sesame seed, install dish can edible.

Believe everybody sees here already itch to try, introduce one pace with respect to what follow above then come, cook this, unapproachable cate, this dish of lubricious fragrance completely tastes regular meeting to make everybody deep like to go up. Above is candied floss use the detailed introduction of what candy, everybody is OK him open the brigade of large kitchen.