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In daily life, people can have the cooked wheaten food of a lot of sort, this includes chow mien among them, eat chow mien to have a lot of profit, can improve anaemia for instance, return what can promote gas blood to move, often eat noodle to have profit to health of intestines and stomach additionally, can prevent the occurrence of ailment of a few stomach, at the mom of lactation, also can eat chow mien, but must masterFall in love with the sea

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Eat a bit more delicately.

Can lactation eat chow mien?

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Can lactation eat chow mien?

Lactation can eat chow mien, but chow mien can compare oil commonly, the treasure Mom that does not suit lactation eats more, the word that takes more is apter suffer from excessive internal heat

The metaphase that is pregnant commonly is OK of edible chow mien, did not affect to fetal growth, development.

Opinion proposal: Should notice to eat easy digest, food of little fat, rich nourishing is better, zhu Jiankang.

The proposal continues to take, drink cool tea more, eat fresh vegetable fruit more, diet is acrimony excitant food.

Flour kind food belongs to 5 carapace rootstock in 6 kinds of big food kind, and a kind when noodle belongs to flour again, be a kind very general feed capable person, and deepness is broad of Chinese people love. So, can lactation eat noodle?

Lactation can eat noodle, the main nutrition composition of the noodle that noodle contains among them has protein, adipose, carbohydrate to wait, can offer for lactation mom everyday activity and grow needs quantity of heat and the immune power that enhance lactation mom. And noodleLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Still contain a lot ofcopper, copper is the micronutrient with human body indispensable health, to blood, central nervous and immune system, the splanchnic development such as hair, skin and skeletal organization and brain and liver, heart and function have main effect.

Can lactation eat chow mien?

Lactation has the way of noodle

1, the practice of face of wax gourd of braise in soy sauce

Feed capable person: Wax gourd 200 grams, noodle 100 grams, wild cabbage leaf, salt, Jiang Ge is right amount.


(1) wax gourd section, ginger section.

(2) wax gourd is put after oily heat piece break up fry moment, add water to had done not have wax gourd, build burn boil to ripe, put salt to flavor.

(3) have pot additionally, put clear water, conflagration boil, finish noodle and wild cabbage part of a historical period, thoroughly cook, fish out.

(4) irrigate the wax gourd that has boiled on noodle together even soup can.

Effect: Wax gourd of detumescence of wax gourd diuresis contains vitamin C more, and sylvite content is high, sodium salt content is inferior, the patient such as disease of hypertensive, kidney, bloated disease feeds, can prevent oedema effectively. Wax gourd mask has braise in soy sauce to be protected very well kidney and the action that urge breast, can help endotoxin of body of lactation mom eduction, improve galactic quality.

Can lactation eat chow mien?

2, chop noodles in soup

Feed capable person: Noodle 100 grams, pork chop bone 200 grams, the plant is oily 10 grams, refined salt, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, cooking wine each are right amount.


(1) chop is abluent, chop grows into 5 centimeters paragraph.

(2) on boiler buy fire, put vegetable oil, burn to 7 into heat, next green paragraph, Jiang Pian a bit scamper, enter chop, add cooking wine, refined salt, stir-fry before stewing is fried become angry to chop, add water 400 grams burn boil, turn cook over a slow fire of medium baking temperature comes chop is squashy, boiler leaves anger, choose greenLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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, ginger need not.

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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(3) clear water is added to burn boil inside boiler, issue noodle, need water again when boil, the dot thoroughlies cook noodle into cold water, in carrying a bowl, become namely into chop and soup juice.

Effect: This contains rich high grade protein, adipose, carbohydrate, calcic, iron, phosphor, zinc and vitamin to wait. Have filling kidney to fill pith, strong anything resembling a tendon or vein strong the effect of bone.