Yang Delong: IPO time-out was mixed of the market go situation without inevitable connection

Xinhua net Beijing on June 21 report now, hai Kaiyuan fund manages investor of xinhua net of be a guest of Yang Delong of company president, c阿爱上海同城

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ore ” hall of thing of stock market E ” ” presiding came ” column, share Chinese A with broad netizen the market prospect after bringing into index of MSCI rising market.

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market of refer near future puts the dispute of delay to IPO rhythm, he expresses to reporter of xinhua net finance and economics, “A lot of grail are issued when bovine city IPO amount is very much, but the market remains big ox city, and in Xiong Fu when although call those who halt IPO market to go situation remain Xiong Fu, look so from the experience in the past, the time-out of IPO was mixed actually of the market go situation without inevitable connection. The time-out of IPO was mixed actually of the market go situation without inevitable connection..

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tment. His analysis says, “IPO belongs to the function of financing, also be the basic function of the stock market, because be in the market is small a lot of investor when confusing are potential account occurrence deficit, that is to say the investment function of the stock market got damage, at that time everybody can think can the emission of slow down IPO, perhaps suspend IPO, reduce financing function, let investment and financing photograph balance, have this kind of idea so. Have this kind of idea so..

“Field of A stock market does not lack capital, lack confidence only. ” Yang Delong expresses, in the market low fan, lack confidence上海千花社区

when, the rhythm that the amount that reduces weekly IPO, slow down issues conduces to ease the IPO impact to market fund area, there is certain conciliatory effect in the mentally of investor at the same time. “Be a right policy choice right now. ” Yang Delong say.

In addition, in new issue system respect, yang Delong still offers a few reform and perfect opinion. “For instance inquiry system, adopt commercialized inquiry to bring about before new release price exorbitant, some stocks appear on the market to appear with respect to broken hair 3 high issues, begin to undertake reform to inquiry system later, have window guidance price, the city that issues for instance is filled with rate not prep above mean city is filled with industry of 2 class market rate, but a day is caused to explode again after doing price fixing fried problem, new appear on th爱上海龙凤419桑拿

e market cause successive harden to attract a large number of capital to precipitate at making new market, this to 2 class market also be adverse, in commercialize a respect I think new a space that issues a system to still have reform. ” Yang Delong says.