Earn big teach you to make ” football manager ONLINE ” complete hind line of defence

To average new personality player, making a finished team battle array is a more difficult issue probably, the fund that its drag in reachs often is a greater burden for the average player to just entering game. Nevertheless we can be retreated and beg next, make a price not expensive but the result is righter hind line of defence, such passing a few defend strike back the tactics of the type often can obtain a right result. Fall below to everybody, if make already economy practical hind line of defence, the introduction that and meet is aimed at issues battle array, tactics and player statement.

The player should ask the likelihood here, so why should we abandon the position that AMC compares core this? This is about the sexual value with particular respecting compares investment. In the game of FMO, what new personality manager should do above all is build to be not hit into bolt by powerful group hind line of defence. Even if is to smoke medium Erichsen you also should sell the waist before class of this kind of god him, because you do not have surplus capital,go promoting your wing and MC. Choice of this kind of moment sells AMC consolidate oneself hind line of defence is a very right choice. To devoted without too much capital manager, have AMC is mixed was not same, it is to do not have method goal. Of course here is to be aimed at the new personality manager that just enters game merely, with capital not be very enough player.

This should be an issue that all managers should consider, how should ponder over me to want to allow my team when me undertake tactical battle array is founded kickball? This train of thought can coach you establish what kind of battle array, all sorts of instructions of team and player in the match, it is use Muliniao the line of defence of type reclaims, strike back highly disciplinedly tactics, be still Tony? Pu Lisi often sends 4-4-2 in what Situoke carries out, or is to resemble German team providing the oppressive type of contemporary feeling to play a way more commonly. But, as a novice, you just just begin in the career of football manager OL, what you should think is not those lofty the content that go up, however I have what kind of player, what kind of tactics can I build with these players? Can be I kicked what kind of blast model?

Ancient bronze mirror the novice is then civilian perhaps, so the answer of this core problem became: I can be met through leaving to get stuck or turn only naughty buy a few petty gain but practical veteran will comprise defend formidably battle array, will hit 4231 when have DM model or a few its change model. 4231 what I recommend dozen of waist after this kind has strongly, had both aggression ability, let your even if choose lay particular stress on to defend state of mind, defend strike back state of mind when have euqally notch bitingly ability, accomplish throw a ball less, still have to powerful group those who teach big odds to be able to win is practical blast model. Of course you also can choose double hind 4231 what the waist does not want wing, or 532 of 5 full back, but be not hit anyhow those who have AMC 4231 medium perhaps field parallel stands 442.

Good hind the player that line of defence includes door general, full back to wait the position a moment. Need to the novice as far as possible whole hind organization of line of defence is complete, is not to emphasize particularly on a position. As far as possible the will complete defense line after making, the CA of every position not under 3.5, PA achieves 3.8-3.9 at least, ability fights the aggression line of defence of 4.0-4.3 likely after such maturity. The mechanism of FMO is you more than 0.5 stars belong to current CA grind pressure, or common says to be not prevented. Your DC3.9 links full word, can prevent 4.3 the following ST, but more than 0.5 stars, I am sorry promote a player please, otherwise you do not defend this position.

Say is player instruction finally, a lot of players won’t be installed, here I say simply, in tactical center choice, have blast model, tactics of team, player, placement, normally a few players know to install blast model the tactics with whole team, but in the light of you the player of each position dictates not quite go installing, the effect that finish can differ such tactics a lot of. Defend the GK player instruction of duty has bully and defend 2 option, we choose bully to give full back commonly, not quite recommend fast hand to throw a ball or beetle-crusher bully and appoint specific where a full back. In often be being carried out, after we can discover the GK that installed fast hand to throw a ball gets a ball, still stand in while you’re at it of dangerous place moment to cast DC in ST of the other side, be broken next ball, was hit quickly strike back, and advanced a ball, that with respect to 2B.

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