Can player of EA bestow favours play freely ” : of corpse of plant big fight? ㄔ stops straw? “

EA just announces, the player can avoid the fire game that this company rolls out cost amuse oneself ” corpse of plant big fight: Garden war 2 ” , corresponding all version of 3 big platform, just restrict free play time to be 10 hours.

XboxOne and PS4 player can head for the network store of respective correspondence to undertake download respectively, and the game platform Origin that PC player must pass EA undertakes download. This are free date up to on May 10, to experiencing this making, for the player that perhaps prepares to buy, this is good experience chance. After buying formal edition, the plan of 10 hours or meeting get withholding!

” corpse of plant big fight: Garden war 2 ” it is by EA the company issues a to lie fallow beneficial wisdom game, be ” garden war ” add is made, numerous new role and new map were increased in this making, and joined armor drive system, data of game of the generation on supportive player loads and single person mode plays a way, make game new return to the cosmic world of PVZ. Like before mixing, be being made, the appearance that makes newly still is colour profusion, and joyous sound was full of in whole game laugh language, new an eccentric person and new floral are joined, let a player experience bigger and more new game experience of adventure.