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Western-style desert has the tourist attraction a lot of kinds, for instance sweet rise in swarms department cake, yoghurt cheese cake and cake of columbine egg walnut, these deserts are everybody is in prefer at ordinary times eat, because these cake are OK very good adjustment our appetite, but should make loose cake, need us to have very good knead dough technology, so we should study the making method of classical and Western-style desert, ability can make delicate food.

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Sweet rise in swarms the making material of department cake

Advocate makings: Cheese 300 overcome

Complementary makings: Milk 90 grams, Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Auspicious man 4 grams, butter 200 grams, sweet bee is careless 10 grams,

Condiment: Brown granulated sugar 100 grams, liquor 100 grams, lemon juice 10 overcome

Sweet rise in swarms the practice of department cake:

1.Grass of lemon crowded juice, sweet bee is abluent1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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With muller wear powder shape reserves;

2.Butter removes department to make its answer lukewarm bate; in order to lie between the means that water heats

3.Join fine saccharic, milk mixes together to show without grain shape;

4.Mix of rejoin mint wine is even;

5.Soft drop of the auspicious fourth bleb that use ice works, in pouring the department since butter oneShanghai night net

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Mix since divide evenly;

6.Animal sex bright butter is hit to with eggbeater 6 when distributing, remove the; in department into butter

7.Careless pink of rejoin sweet bee a mix is even;

8.Pour the department since butter into the circle finally in the small model that bake, wipe smooth; with drawknife

9.Put into freezer finally, with – aspic hides 18 ℃ about 30 minutes can.

What does classical and Western-style desert have

The making material of yoghurt cheese cake

Advocate makings: Biscuit 150 grams, cheese 314 overcome

Complementary makings: Butter 61 grams, almond 50 grams, milk 141 grams, egg 35 grams, corn face (yellow) 25 grams,

Condiment: White saccharic 73 grams

The practice of yoghurt cheese cake:

1.Load digestive biscuit; of the dolly in plastic bag

2.Butter is put into steel tub to dissolve liquid state; in order to lie between the means that water heats

3.Almond horn is baked ripe reserve;

4.Take one glass pot, after entering horn of biscuit, butter, almond, rejoin milk (15 grams) , candy pink a mix is even;

5.Take bake dish, the bottom upper berth that baking a model is baked one piece bake paper, spread material on average again baking the; in the model

6.After be ground floor to send a skin namely with drawknife planish, place first reserve aside;

7.Butter removes department to make its answer soft; in order to lie between the means that water heats

8.Join fine saccharic an agitate comes show without grain shape;

9.The cent after break up of will entire egg second in joining the department since butter, mix divide evenly;

10.The corn flour after continueing to join sift out a mix is evenNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Paper; to have department namely

11.milk (126 grams) with animal sex delicacy butter falls into the department since butter, an agitate appears to paste having department piece smooth and meticulous when having the state that sheds a gender, enter the; in the model that bake again

12.Put stuff into oven, with temperature get angry next 180 ℃ , fire 180 ℃ , bake about 50 minutes to come ripe, give furnace; namely

13.Wait for cool hind the yoghurt on besmear of cake surface layer, reload acts the role of small Gong Mei to be finished namely.

What does classical and Western-style desert have

The characteristic of cheese of columbine egg walnut

Filling head embellish is sent, sweet sweet fresh and tender.

The making material of cheese of columbine egg walnut:

Advocate makings: Walnut 150 overcome

Complementary makings: Polished glutinous rice 50 grams, columbine egg 200 grams,

Condiment: White saccharic 50 grams

Of cheese of columbine egg walnutShanghai Long Feng forum

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1.Walnutmeat uses fish out of moment of boiled water bubble to decorticate, with deepfry fragile;

2.With lukewarm bleb good polished glutinous rice, put small-sized and dynamoelectric disintegrator to smash slimy shape, enter the; in the bowl

3.Clean member put clear water 1000 milliliter, the walnut thick fruit juice with white sugar and good agitate is added after be being burned, agitate becomes rare mushy;

4.Divide 10 small bowls, or install in the; inside a jar

5.The bowl fills clear water to infiltrate columbine egg, heat one boiler water additionally, blow hole; leaves after pushing eddy

6.Will columbine egg slips gently in boiler, on replace fire, reduce firepower not to make leave greatly, the small bowl that containing walnut thick fruit juice is scooped up after dip is ripe slowly inside can.