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The nutrient value of pig heart is very tall, no matter be child or pregnant woman,suit to eat quite so, and pregnant woman is in pregnancy when the battalion with need various complementFall in love withLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Raise matter, because this food also needs diversification, after be pregnant because of most pregnant woman, taste can become more captious, doing the appetite that they must satisfy when eating to pregnant woman so, so does pregnant woman eat pig heart what to way have?

 Pregnant woman eats the practice encyclopedia of pig heart

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a kind of food, and have a variety of ways. Pig heart can be used fry, also can join all sorts of medicinal materials to warm boiling water, some people still can join rock candy, boil pig heart sweet Shang Pin. To pregnant woman, pig heart boils Shang Pin had better not pass, because pregnant woman drank soup to be able to absorb among them nutrition, do not need the pig heart with overmuch edible, made sure nutrition assured to won’t absorb overmuch protein again already. Two kinds of Shang Pin of pig heart introduce below:

 Pregnant woman eats the practice encyclopedia of pig heart

Join heart of Qi evaporate pig

Prepare data: Pig heart, lean lean, dangshen, the root of remembranous milk vetch, longan. Pink of the salt that flavoring prepares to be made any better, refined salt, chicken, unripe smoke can.

1, wash pig heart clean, pig heart can be in a few flour ” boil ” , place 1 hour or so, next reoccupy clear water is abluent, the heart can wash such pig very much to hurry, and without peculiar smell. StillNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Have also wash pig lean lean clean.

2, the medicinal material that will prepareShanghai Long Feng forum

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: Flesh of dangshen, the root of remembranous milk vetch, longan parts dip is washed clean. Half hour left and right sides immerses a little in can putting dangshen and the root of remembranous milk vetch water.

3, will all raw material puts the handleless cup that stew inside, clear water is added inside the handleless cup that stew 800 milliliter, lie between water to stew give taste completely to ginseng, the root of remembranous milk vetch, cast aside go oily foam, transfer into pink of refined salt, chicken, unripe smoke, the peanut oil with ripe decoct, agitate divide evenly is become namely.

 Pregnant woman eats the practice encyclopedia of pig heart

Boiling water of heart of pregnant woman pig

Preparative material has: Qi of pig heart, yam, north, red jujube, ginger, condiment prepares trifling salt can.

1, incision of half-and-half of heart of will new pig is not cut paragraph, next abluent the hematic water inside.

2, use toothpick next pig heart1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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The part of incision is strung rise, such pig hearts won’t part when boil.

3, will red jujube goes nucleus, with boreal Qi, hill pill is abluent all the time reserve. Boreal Qi can immerse a little with water.

4, the water that is put into about 4 bowls in electric rice cooker, join Qi of pill of Jiang Pian and the pig heart that had had, red jujube, hill, north to wait, bao of mode of the soup that use Bao makes an appointment with 1 hour or so, add saline edible.